IntervalSignal DataBase
sunset at the DW relay-station Sines, Portugal

The IntervalSignal DataBase

is a collection of audio clips of foreign radio stations, with identification announcements in various languages, signature tunes and jingles, and of course interval signals (if used, and when available).

The audio clips are taken from the webmaster's collection and those of the contributors listed below.

Contrary to existing similar sites with a catalog-like structure this is a database which offers the user many powerful research tools:

  • sorting data after different criteria: country, station, continent, ...
  • Index-search
  • full text search
  • Filterfunction after different criteria: country, continent, language, type of programming, ...

In January of 2005 the Database was moved to a server-based version since modern browsers, especially those of Microsoft, lack support of Java Technology. During Migration you are redirected to the German language version of the Database.
A further update has been done in June 2006 when all sound files have been converted to MP3-Format since the up to then used Real Audio format needs a proprietary player software which is found on a ever decreasing number of computers nowadays.

The use and functions of the database are explained in a help-file.

The website undergoes regular development, with new soundclips being added to the collection and existing ones being improved or modified.